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MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

Do you speak perfect English? Can you prove it? Click here to find out…

BBC English Test

We all like to think that our English is great, otherwise how could we be good English teachers? Still, it’s good to keep on your toes and the English test above from the BBC news website is just the way to test your knowledge. It’s a test of British English, so if you speak and teach American English at least you have an excuse for not getting top marks!

If you have any really high level learners you might want to try it out on them too, although I’d recommend you check the answers yourself first. After all, English spelling can be deceptively difficult…

For lower level learners, why not get them to do some of the following Campus exercises?

  • Nouns and verbs – Vocabulary activity (Level 3)
  • Nouns from verbs – Vocabulary activity (Level 3)
  • Noun suffixes – Vocabulary activity (Level 4)
  • At the beach – Vocabulary activity (Level 2)
  • Clothes – Vocabulary activity (Level 1)
  • Meet my family – Vocabulary activity (Level 1)


  • Good test but the vocabulary part was a little too difficult

    Posted by Nassim Dhaher on July 24th 2008

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