The Apple of my i


I have a confession to make: I am absolutely, completely and utterly, head-over-heels, totally in love with my iPhone. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been an iPhone owner for over two years now and my iPhone and I have been very happy together. This love also extends to my trusty iPod (my very first Apple purchase) and my more recently acquired iPad 2.

I haven’t always been a dedicated follower of gadgets and I certainly wasn’t the first in line at the Apple store when the iPhone and iPad were launched, preferring instead to wait out a more lengthy seduction process. I was a bit of a late starter when it came to getting a mobile phone in the first place, inheriting my younger brother’s hand-me-down Nokia when he upgraded; I did own a Walkman but I didn’t own a MiniDisc player; I hate huge flat screen TVs and still get a good picture from the small-but-bulky set I got for my 21st birthday (although I am aware I will have to ‘go digital’ soon). And, while my boyfriend is optimistically putting the latest Xbox/PlayStation incarnation at the top of his Christmas present list, I still reminisce about the clunky graphics and 2D platform games of the Gameboys and Sega Megadrives of my childhood.

But Apple managed to flip my switch. Bigtime. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 (in white, for the ultimate girly factor) and it is, quite possibly, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or held in my hands. This is what Apple has done so well – the company has turned these devices into objects of absolute desire, not only for their technological prowess (which is pretty tip-top) but also for their astounding good looks and unparalleled aesthetic beauty.

My own love affair with all things ‘i’ is not just about appearances (although this really did seal the deal for me, which probably makes me the scorn of hardcore Mac Anoraks the world over). I love their portability and the convenience of being able to manage my online life on the go. I love the pictures, the videos, the maps and the apps. Of course, there are other devices that do all this too – but they do it without looking so good. An Apple product is devastatingly handsome.

In light of the recent sad and untimely death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, much has been said about the loss of Apple’s creative and charismatic genius and there is speculation over what his death means for the future of Apple (watch out for a onestopenglish Guardian news lesson on this subject coming soon).  But all that’s left for me to say is:

Roses are red, my iPhone is white;
Thank you Steve Jobs, you got it just right.



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