The great new edition of the Macmillan English Campus has been launched!


MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:


Since the first release of the Macmillan English Campus in 2003, we’ve been committed to expanding and updating the content available. In order to improve the design, add new features and allow us to develop new kinds of teaching material, we’ve just launched a new edition, which is now being rolled out to all our customers.

New features in the Macmillan English Campus include:

  • Improved navigation – allowing users to find their way around with greater ease
  • A new, updated look – with an improved design and more user-friendly interface
  • Customization tools – letting users choose the graphic ‘skin’ they want and allowing institutions to include their logo on every page of the English Campus, in place of the MEC logo
  • Improved user and course management – making administration of the English Campus much simpler
  • More detailed usage statistics for institutions – allowing you to see how often your students are accessing the Campus and how they are progressing

Alongside this upgrade, we remain committed to continuing to publish fantastic new types of content in the future. Coming up next year:

  • Test Compiler: over 600 new exercises across all levels available to teachers and administrators within MEC, allowing them to build tests and publish them to their students
  • English for Academic Purposes content: a new flexible bank of EAP resources. This material will support both academic language, in the form of grammar and vocabulary, and essential study skills. It will also provide an introduction to life at an English-speaking university.

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