‘Tis the season … for staff Christmas parties!


I have a confession to make. I’m feeling a bit ‘ropey’ today. I’m a little ‘under the weather’ or ‘below par’. In other words, I’m feeling slightly ill and it’s entirely of my own making: it’s the morning after the office Christmas party!

Yes, it’s the season of staff Christmas parties. The time of year when, in offices and institutions the world over, colleagues gather for an annual get-together, where they eat, drink and make inappropriate comments to their bosses.

Our own Christmas party passed without any major incident that I know of (and I left quite late). We had a lovely lunch of traditional goose with roasted parsnips and Brussels sprouts. Then we swapped presents in our annual Secret Santa, where names are pulled out of a hat and everyone gets a gift – to a maximum value of £6 – from an anonymous gift giver. We topped off the meal with a highly competitive quiz before decamping to the bar for more drinking and general merriment.

The internet is awash with office party horror stories. My favourite one is this, courtesy of the website mychocolate.co.uk:

Hugo Boss suit: £570
Taxi to restaurant: £15
Babysitter: £20
Misreading the office party invitation and arriving one day early: Priceless

If you are looking forward to a staff Christmas party, enjoy yourself and try to survive the evening with your dignity – and your job – intact!

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