Here’s a helpful MEDO tip from MEC Training Assistant, Steph Earnshaw:

‘Word of the Week’ is a great tool for encouraging your learners to use their MEC wordlists. This week’s word might be useful for advanced learners as it describes a dangerous activity, originating in the UK, which has recently become more popular with thrill-seekers.

To find the word of the week click on the ‘New words’ link at the top left of the dictionary.

The word of the week is updated every Monday.

For an interesting homework exercise for advanced learners, why not get them to use the word of the week as inspiration for a short story? Next lesson, share the stories with the rest of the class and add any new vocabulary they have found to their MEC wordlists.

For a fun revision exercise in a later lesson, try playing hang-man in teams with some of the new words you have learned from word of the week. Put the first and last letters of a word into the word list in your MEC teacher’s Work Area. Enter the definition below the word and then click ‘Done’. When you project your wordlist onto the whiteboard in class your learners will see the definition and the first and last letters as a clue.

When your learners guess a letter correctly, write it on the dotted line on the whiteboard. Even better, type the letters directly into your wordlist as your learners guess them.

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