Top 100 tools for learning in 2008


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

Click here to see a useful page listing the top 100 e-learning tools, nominated by various e-learning experts. The list has been compiled by Jane Hart on her site Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.

My favourite e-learning tool and, I think, one of the most relevant to English language teaching, is Audacity. Jane and friends explain the benefits of Audacity here. As they say, it’s the perfect online tool for creating and editing podcasts for use in class. You might even want to ask your students to create podcasts as a homework activity. I’ve also talked about Audacity before on this blog, here

One online tool I hadn’t heard of is Ning. With Ning you can create your own social network and customize it in any way you want without having to stick to particular formats or privacy settings as with Facebook or MySpace. For example, you might like to use it to set up a network for your class so that you can send them links to educational websites, blogs or online videos. Find out what Jane’s experts say about Ning here

Remember that any online tools, podcasts, videos or social networking sites can easily be linked into MEC through the My Web Links area. Just go to My Web Links and click ‘Add new’ to create a New Weblink, as shown below. To publish your web Links to your students just click ‘Publish weblink’.

If you’d like to see an online demo of how to create MEC Bookmarks, Word Lists or Web Links and then publish them to your students, click here.

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