Top 25 E-learning Tools


MEC Marketing Assistant, Julian Chant, writes:

For a great selection of e-learning tools, check out Jane Hart’s 25 Tools: Professional Development Resource.

You can find the pick of the e-learning litter under a range of different headings such as ‘The bare essentials’, ‘Manage your own productivity’ and ‘Build content and share it with others’.

On top of providing a great one-stop resource for online learning applications, the site also posts short, simple tasks to help users try out the tools and gain an understanding of their potential application for teaching and learning.

Along with such usual suspects as Firefox, Skype, Delicious, iGoogle, Flickr and Youtube, there are a number of lesser known beauties including:

WORDPRESS: blogging tool with many plugins;
SLIDESHARE: upload, share and comment on presentations; and
POLLDADDY: setup and track polls easily.

For a daily dose of new e-learning apps check out Jane’s E-Learning pick of the day.

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