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We asked Rosemary Berry, a teacher, who has taught in over 25 countries to look back at the countries she has lived and taught in and pick her top five places to choose as a teaching destination.

My “top five” would be Iraq, Romania, China, Syria and the UK: the UK for professionalism and care, plus amazingly rich core values, and, stunning landscape. Not because these are “easy” countries but because you feel supported and know you will be looked after, should things go wrong. One starts with a mission a feeling that one is an “aid worker” (in some sense).

Teaching is two-way. The first few insults and criticisms really hurt, then you listen to the core values of the place. When there is some congruence between your value system and theirs, you will be OK.

And the students, the teaching, where do they fit into all this? We are part of our culture, students and teachers alike. I have been lucky enough to teach in 25 countries, with a huge diversity of cultures, ethnicity and religions. I know the places I like – rugged places, with a touch of adversity, not exclusively materialistic, or corrupt.

Rosemary Berry

What have been your favourite teaching destinations? Share your ideas with us and leave a comment below.

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