Tyumen training


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

The beginning of September brought about an exciting opportunity for me to travel to Siberia. I was there to give a presentation to teachers from all around the Tyumen region in Northern Russia and also to train teachers from the Tyumen Teacher Training Institute.

The photo below shows me being interviewed by a local television company looking very serious I might add! It was brilliant to be able to give the presentation in such an amazing space with a huge screen.



After the presentation it was time for training in the Tyumen Teacher Training Institute.

Teacher trainees will be using the Campus and also their trainers. 

It was a great experience for me to meet all of the teachers and trainers in the Tyumen region and it was so nice to hear that some of them had travelled a long way to find out about MEC. It’s fantastic that the Tyumen Teacher Training Institute has chosen Macmillan English Campus for their English training program and I wish them all a great start to their academic year.

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