Use facts in your lesson


Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Here are some resources that you could use for a fact based lesson:

Go to the BBC home page here.

Each day you will find a new fact and also a quote under the fact. Perhaps you could incorporate this into you lessons as a short discussion to start the class. You could allocate a day to each student and ask them to present the information and tell the class what they think the fact or the quote means.

If you click on the link ‘QI: FACT OF THE DAY’ you will navigate to QI’s home page. QI is a television programme based in the UK all about facts. QI stands for Quite Interesting. When I went to their home page I noticed they also use Twitter to tweet topical facts here. Another resource that could be used in class.

If you find your students enjoy researching and finding out factual information, set them a MEC Web Project to complete each week. There are currently 88 Web Projects on MEC for you to access. Just type in ”Web Project” in the Word and Phrase Search to find them.

Finally you can find a huge amount of factual information here. The facts are all neatly divided up into categories so your students can focus on a topic that suits them.

Happy fact finding!

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