Using MEC at university


Have you thought about using MEC with prospective students?

This is what the is going to do. It has just become the first university to get its own MEC platform. As well as using it with current students, Lincoln will also be using it to test, monitor and build up students’ language levels before they even arrive at university.

For Lincoln, this has a number of big advantages. Building up their students’ language levels in this way will give students longer to reach the level they want to attain and help them once they arrive.

Settling in will be made easier with access to all the study skills and practical resources from the ‘University Culture’ section of the English for Academic Purposes content.

It’s a great way of building links with students before they even arrive and getting students on board to study at the university.

Mark Forster, senior lecturer at the University’s Lincoln Languages Centre, commented on the potential to ”keep in touch with students, monitor their progress and devise a curriculum specifically for them. It means the Lincoln student experience will begin before students have even left their home town.”

Read Lincoln’s press release about their use of MEC >

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