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There are so many MEC users out there (75,000 and counting) and all so widely dispersed around the world, that sharing ideas on how best to use MEC was always going to be a challenge. The aim of the blog is to solve this dilemma by giving you an opportunity to share your MEC experiences, and ideas on blended learning in general, with MEC teachers worldwide!

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We’ll be keeping you updated on all the gossip from the MEC offices, running MEC Clinics (online refresher sessions and forums for sharing knowledge), answering your questions, giving you ideas from guest bloggers and MEC authors, and generally providing you with inspiration on how to be the best MEC teacher ever!

All your comments and suggestions are most welcome. So go on, give us a piece of your mind – connect to MEC! 

Some of the MEC team, clockwise from top left: Kerry Ormand, Sales Manager; Mike Green, Training Manager; Byron Russell, Sales Manager; John Murray, Sales and Marketing Director; Emma Shercliff, Managing Director; Claire Pye, Commissioning Editor onestopenglish; Kristin Annexstad, Sales Representative; Stephanie Earnshaw, Training Assistant; Magda Giornazi, Macmillan Distributor Libya.

And before you go, take a look at this photo from the MEC archives below. Is it you or do you know this person? Where was it taken and when? Leave a comment!


  • This blog is a great way for international teachers and customers to keep up-to-date with what is happening with MEC. For those of us in Australia the hardest thing is to find out the latest news and developments so blogs and electronic communication helps no end. The links to other related sites are also useful. Thanks.

    Posted by Victoria Nash on May 07th 2007

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