Welcome to March on onestopenglish!


Onestopenglish goes wild in March with the launch of Carol Read’s Amazing world of animals, a six-lesson CLIL project in which children build up their language skills and learn about different aspects of animal life in order to create a magazine/e-zine.

To celebrate this exciting launch, we’re giving all subscribers the opportunity to get 50% off Carol’s book, 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom. You can find out about this special offer here.

We also have the next instalment of Onestop Phonics Part 2 – a poetic lesson on long vowels sounds – and our latest Selections lesson, which is based on a story about a genie. Your older students can enjoy some story time in the classroom too, with the second part of our Using art in the classroom series, which looks at stories connected with a piece of art.

Our Business Spotlight and Spot on news lessons are all about loss and gain in the job market: the Business Spotlight lesson deals with the problematic but essential topic of losing a job and the Spot on news lesson for teens looks at how language skills can help young people find a job.

Make sure you check out our free monthly news lesson (celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison) and the latest Macmillan Dictionary BuzzWord lesson plan (celebrating the cold season).

Take a sneak peek inside the Staff Room by visiting our sample resources page and find out how the onestopenglish Learning Calendar can help you organize all your teaching resources and plan your lessons.

There’s lots more great content – take your time to explore and enjoy another packed edition of onestopenglish!

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