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MEC Marketing Assistant, Julian Chant, writes:


For something to watch out for in the future, check out Wikia Search, the new open source search engine from the people behind Wikipedia. While still in its early stages of development, the concepts behind the project – transparency, community, quality and privacy – are noble ones.

According to co-founder Jimmy Wales, ‘It is meant to take on Google by creating a search engine where all the editorial decisions are made by the general public and all the software is open.’

Nikolaj Nyholm at O’Reilly Radar wrote this article about how Wikia Search can change the search engine domain in the foreseeable future. As he writes at the end of the article:

‘Go play with Wikia Search. Then come back here and read the article again. Tell me what you see: a bluff or a ripple of change?’

Why not save Wikia Search as a MEC Web Link and send it to your learners. You could even get them to use it to research ideas for MEC Sample Essays such as:

·         Selling the case for sustainability (level 6)

·         Put your money where your heart is (level 6)

Or, you could ask them to use Wikia Search to help research an essay based on one of the food for thought questions on the MEC News Items.

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