World geography


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

Here‘s a fun game to test geography and vocabulary skills for low or intermediate level learners.

Why not get your learners to play the game in pairs and then compare scores with the rest of the class? Remember you can put this link into your Web Links area and send it to your class before the lesson. Your learners can then access it easily from their own Web Links in their MEC study area.

For follow-up activities why not try the following MEC resources:

Web Project: (level 2)

Language Exercise: Plans: Future with going to (level 1)

Listening activity: Breakfast all over the world (level 2)

Listening activity: In another country (level 2)

Vocabulary activity: What language do they speak? (level 1)

You can also access more games and interactive maps of the world in the MEC dictionary. You’ll find more ideas for using the dictionary here.

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