Foldingstory is a great place where your students can reveal their creative sides. The site gives your students a chance to practise their writing skills in a novel way that may be more fun than a structured essay. Foldingstory is not really a place where your students write their piece and you assess it. It is rather a place where they can go and practise creative writing in English.

All you need to do is sign up! First you may want to go and see finished folds (finished stories). Once you know how a final Fold looks, you may want to add a paragraph to some of the Open Folds (stories that have been started by others). When you go to one of them you can contribute to the fold by adding a paragraph and becoming a co-author.

If you want you can always start your very own Fold. It is very easy; you just go to CREATE on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can start a new and exciting story that can have an unexpected ending.

I would highly recommend it to your students as a great way to develop their writing skills.


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