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Back to School

The start of a new school term can be a stressful time for teachers so to help make sure you’re equipped with everything you need from that first day back, this September we’ve gathered an entire page of back to school resources. From a host of lesson plans from onestopenglish to the latest Macmillan Methodology Hangouts on Google+, we’ve got plenty to help you get back into the swing of things!

With time short, it’s important to make sure you make the most of your time as a teacher as Mike suggests in his blog post. Plus if you’re looking for new resources for the new term, then Becca is your go-to girl, in the first of our back to school blog posts we’ll be running this season on Blended MEC. What’s more, you’ll find 20% off an entire library of Macmillan methodology books this month to ensure you’ll never run out of inspiration.

And for more ideas, resources and offers, follow the hashtag #Back2School across our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages  throughout the next couple of months.



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