Jeremy Smith


A degree in English and a desire to travel were the sparks that led me to follow the well-worn path of the EFL teacher. I started my training in Prague before setting off for Taiwan and my first proper teaching job. A brief but intense period of culture shock followed before I settled into the teaching lifestyle. My attempts at learning Chinese were met with little success and, after travelling around Asia, a desire to master a language I could pronounce led me to Spain to teach for a second year. I followed that up with some more travel, this time in Latin America, before heading back to the UK and embarking on my career in publishing. In 2004, MEC gave me the perfect opportunity to combine ELT with editorial work and I’ve been here ever since!

When I’m not at work, I’m either looking for somewhere to travel to – New York’s my favourite destination – or reclining on the sofa watching anything on TV that resembles a sport.