Joanna Trzmielewska


After graduating from university, with a degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and masters in British Literature in my pocket I decided to travel full time. However, as a big fan of the Bronte sisters, I knew that my last port would be England. I may not settle down in the beautiful heather moors of Yorkshire, where Bronte’s footsteps are around each corner, but I am close to my other favourite writer Jane Austen and I am based in London. I haven’t given up travelling, as I now travel across Europe to train teachers on using Macmillan English Campus and introduce them to using technology in their classes. When sitting in the airport departure lounge, I always have my Nintendo, IPod and a good book to keep me company. When the plane touches ground back home I am ready to follow another Nigella Lawson recipe and cook for my friends and go for a bike ride along the canal. However, I am always happy to be back in the office  doing MEC online clinics and working on the blog to make it even more interesting for the visitors.