/du: ju: lᴧv fәnetIks/ ?


John Wells’ phonetics blog is heaven for anyone who is a phonetics buff. As you can imagine, a blog that’s ‘Everything to do with phonetics’ and written by a phonetics expert can get a bit intense, but if you love phonetics you’ll be coming back for more.

The blog has lots of interesting and unusual posts on everything from digraphia, to how we use accents in different social situations, and how to express them in print to arguments about the official pronunciation of the word Nevada (the reasoning goes deeper than you think).

It also has links to other sites with features on the development of English. Like this one to a recent BBC programme on changing English pronunciation (in which John Wells is a guest). Or this link, to an amusing BBC video, which demonstrates the various ways to pronounce certain English words.

As well as keeping English teachers amused, John Wells’ phonetics blog might also be useful for advanced learners or those who are interested in developing a particular type of accent in English. See if they can understand this cartoon from The Guardian’s Steve Bell for example.

And students, be warned, this article says that apparently some British accents are incomprehensible to Americans. So if you want to go to the USA, pick your English teacher with care.

If you like to keep your pronunciation practice a little bit more down to earth then the Macmillan English Campus exercises might be more your cup of tea. Just go to the Quick Search and filter the resource type to Pronunciation Activity or type ‘Pronunciation’ into the Word and Phrase Search and filter by the relevant level.


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