Harry Potter is back!


Harry Potter is back and it is even darker than ever! The first part of the final movie is flying to the cinemas across the globe!

The English Campus is ready for the invasion of the dark powers and we are equipped with a set of magical activities.

Whenever you feel like adding a drop of magical potion into your classes, have a look at the activities below. You can type the resource ID (given in brackets) into the Word and Phrase Search to find the resource.

“Children’s literature” (MWP004128) In this Web Project you will focus on two well-known series of children’s books: CS Lewis’s Narnia and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter.

“An author and his fantasy world” (MWP006192) This Web Project is about the author Philip Pullman and the His Dark Materials trilogy. You will look at external websites and answer questions.

“Witch hunt” (MGA000055) Shoot down the witches by recognizing and selecting all the words that collocate with specific verbs related to celebrations. Be careful! You have to avoid the falling balls.

“Verbaticus temple” (MGA000054) Help the character you choose cross the magic stones and reach the treasure chamber in the lost temple by recognising and selecting groups of three words that collocate with given verbs.

“The magical forest”( MGA000023) Visit the Magic Forest and help Jason collect as many crocks of gold from the gnomes as possible. Identify words that collocate related to sports.

“Best Selling book review”(MVA004018) This Vocabulary Activity practises adverbs or adverbial phrases which comment on a whole sentence. You choose the correct phrases to complete a text about a best-selling book.

“A professional storyteller” (MLA003227) In this Listening Activity you listen to an interview with a professional storyteller. You select the topics that are covered in the interview.


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