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This is a very nice tip for teachers/students who are interested in Academic English or watching lectures/seminars on a great diversity of topics, such as Archaeology, Business, Literature and History. ITunes University offers free access to lectures on these and many other subjects/courses given by the most prestigious universities in the world: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley and many more!

The lectures are offered in audio/video format and you can listen/watch them on your IPhone, IPod or IPad. Many of these lectures make up a whole term, which is quite comprehensive, since each class provides around 45 minutes of lecture/seminar. You just need to download the ITunes software from here.

I highly recommend the course on World History given by Professor John Merriman at Yale University. It’s very entertaining and he gives some great insights on particular topics involving European History, like for example why the Netherlands was ahead of other countries in applying capitalism as a new production model.

Teachers might want to have a look at the language courses too or even select bits of these lectures to combine with resources from Macmillan English Campus. I can suggest two resources that deal with British History in two different epochs:

A Great British Leader is a Listening Activity that discusses some aspects of Winston Churchill’s life.

The English Civil War is another Listening Activity that offers a short lecture about an English Civil War political movement called The Levellers.

Apart from combining these activities with the ITunes University lectures, teachers can also find resources on the web that match the referred to topics. For example, there’s a nice page on Wikipedia about The Leveller’s movement.

Remember that by using the Web Links tool in Macmillan English Campus, teachers can forward external resources to individual students or to a whole class.

Why not select different topics to different groups in a class and get students to prepare short presentations? Good luck!


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