MEC competition!


MEC competition!


Do you like a challenge?


Would you like to win your class five Macmillan readers?


We are holding a competition for all teachers using Macmillan English Campus.

We have uploaded an image and some text from one of our News Items onto Voicethread and would like your learners to leave their comments. The best comments from a class win five Macmillan Readers!

If you’ve never heard of voicethread before click here.  

All of the instructions are written on our Voicethread slide show. To access it all you have to do is send us your name and the email address you’d like us to send the voicethread link to and we’ll send you an invitation. The competition ends at 5.30pm on October 31st 2008.

Here is one way you can use the competition with your class:

·         Have a look at the voicethread and familiarise yourself with the commenting tool.

 ·         To leave a comment you need to click on comment at the bottom of the voicethread and it  will give you two options. Click on either type or record. If you choose type you can write in your comment and if you choose record you can record your comment but only if you have a microphone.

 ·         Before your computer lab lesson pre-teach your learners vocabulary from the News Item in the competition.

 ·          Take your learners into the computer lab and encourage them to think about their answers and what comments they’ll make.

 ·          Finally have lots of fun typing or recording comments, remembering to mention what school or class you are from.

 ·         If it’s good you might find yourself with a brand new set of Macmillan readers.

We look forward to reading your comments!

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