MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

Songs are nice additional elements to English classes. It is one of the few listening activities, where students are fully engaged and eager to complete the task.  

If you want to refresh your lessons using songs go to musicANDmuffins. They create great cartoons that go with various songs and they also include lyrics.

How to use it with your students:

Elementary/pre-intermediate classes: You could take screenshots of the video and the students first put them in order and then listen again to finish the lines.

Upper/Advanced classes: At first, you could play only the song and ask students to select key vocabulary to visualise the song. Next they make simple drawings. Finally, they watch the video and check how it differs from their work. It is a good way to practise listening for specific information.

Note: Don’t forget that you can send the links to the particular song in the Publish Web Links option on Campus!

Below is an example of the animation done by musicANDmuffins.

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