Music’s Effect on Learning


As teachers we often use songs during the lessons regardless of students’ age or level. The question is whether music is only a fun part of the lesson or it has got a slightly stronger impact on learning and memory. The inforgraphic below helps to understand how music affects brain and improves learning. At the same time you can find what is the best music to study to. Maybe you can play it during the next class and see how it really affects students’ performance?

Music’s Effect on Learning

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  • I absolutely agree with the results of your study. As teacher I have often observed that students who listen to music while they are making a drawing or they are writing a composition are more relaxed and concentrated. They usually listen to their favourite track list and this gives them good vibrations, i.e. positive past memories, creative associations and harmonic suggestions. Of course it doesn’t leave room to other students’ interfering, as it requires absolute silence to be enjoyed!

    Posted by Marilena Adamo on July 09th 2012
  • Hi Marilena, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us! It’s great to hear that you have also noticed a very positive influence on students and their performance. I think the classes with music bring a nice change to the class routine and respond to the fact that music is such a big part of the students’ lives. It’s quite amazing what a big change it makes! Joanna.

    Posted by Joanna Trzmielewska on July 09th 2012

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