Nine tried and tested lesson ideas from Macmillan Academy


Nine tried and tested lesson ideas from

MEC Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Below is the sixth Macmillan Academy lesson idea. This one was written by Steph and uses a MEC Vocabulary and Listening Activity.


 Macmillan Academy Lesson 6 ‘Work and Phrasals’.pdf (83.14 KB)


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  • Hello MEC team and greetings from Bhutan!
    I’m very glad to see these lesson plans up on the blog, I hope they’ll be useful. I’ll be in touch if I get the chance to use MEC in class over here – one school I am working at is hoping to get a high speed connection in their resource centre so that we can use online resources for teachers and students. Fingers crossed!

    Posted by Stephanie on May 09th 2009

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