Are some of your students reluctant to speak out in class? Why not try a silent lesson!

Seriously. At you can set up your own private online conversation between a closed group of people, a bit like the one I tried out below.

Backnoise originated as a way for people in a meeting or students in a class to communicate outside of the spoken conversation or presentation that was happening in the room. You can find out more on the FAQ page.

If you don’t want to use it in this way then you could use it only at intervals in your lesson to check spelling, or your students could use it to ask or answer questions and avoid having to overcome their shyness. It makes an interesting change and it might even be a fun challenge to have a completely silent lesson, if that doesn’t completely go against your instincts as an English teacher!

You could even use it as an unusual way to hold a spelling competition, and this could be done in teams if you don’t have one computer each. You say the vocabulary and the first person or team to spell it correctly on backnoise wins!

You can re-use your page and clear the contents whenever you want to. Nobody can access it unless they have the link.

Steph Earnshaw


  • I wanted to let your readers know that there is also now a BackNoise app for iOS. Follow this link for details:

    Posted by Keith McGreggor on March 03rd 2011
  • Thanks a lot Keith it is always good to know what’s coming up!

    Posted by Joanna Trzmielewska on March 04th 2011

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