Cartoon stories


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

Storytelling is a great way to introduce or practise vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. While it is quite easy to use books during storytelling lessons with your young learners, it is not so easy with teens and adults, who sometimes think it is a waste of time. You may change their opinion by including cartoons from in your classes.

This website is a community of independent animators from 72 countries around the world. You can simply go and watch a cartoon, or if you prefer you can create and submit your own work to Aniboom via online competitions.

There are many different ways to include a cartoon from in your English lessons.

On Campus, using the Publish Web Links option, you could send your students a link to a specific cartoon and ask them to brainstorm vocabulary related to it. You could also divide a class into small groups and send each group a different cartoon; their task would be to come up with a story.

Alternatively, you could prepare a cartoon for the lesson together with a basic story, and students could write either the beginning or the end of it.

Below I have included some cartoons:

Something to add to your class about food:

This one looks like a videogame and it is great when you are teaching teenagers.

There is also something for young learners:

The Mousse Tale

And of course, there is a cartoon for adult students:

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