Christmas lesson ideas


MEC Trainer, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

It is December and festive time is around the corner. The streets are lit up with lights and Christmas songs are playing on the radio. The holiday mood is not only in the streets, but also in the classrooms.

Every year we face the prospect of preparing festive lessons. If you do not want to sing another Christmas song with your students or talk about the origin of the Christmas tree, try out the following ideas:

Good but cheap Christmas gifts

We all spend far too much money on Christmas gifts, which are not always successful. The article Twelve good, cheap Christmas gift ideas lists a few ideas to help make our loved one’s day. You give your students gifts categories from the article and they come up with twelve ideas for cheap presents. Then you give them the article or you send the link to the articles using Web Links on Campus. They read the article and compare the ideas. As a class you look at both lists and select, as a class, the top twelve. Students save new vocabulary items in their Word Lists.

Internet shopping

Ask students what the worst gifts they have ever given to their loved ones are. Play the first part of the following video What Gifts Would you Buy if you had $2000 to spend Online? and check if the students had the same ideas. Then ask them to decide in pairs/groups what gifts would they buy online if they had $2000.

You could follow up with this article about shopping online: This scam will ruin your Xmas.

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