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I am a big fan of infographics and it has been a while since I have posted one. It’s time to catch up, below you can find an infographic on International cooking habits compared which shows some countries with the tastiest flavours in their cuisines.

It could be great for a discussion, vocabulary and comparing contrasting grammar lesson.

Ideas for a discussion:

Do your students agree with the list? Would they add any other countries to it? Is their country on the list? Do they agree why it is there? Why do they think it didn’t make the list?

Which cuisine is their favourite and why? When and where did they try it?

What flavour or elements of the cuisines from the list would they incorporate into their native cuisine and why?

After discussing the infographic in the class, students could create their own online poster  using Glogster , I wrote more about it in my previous posting . Students could create a poster on their national cuisine and their favourite things about it. They could come up with a name of a made-up country and its national cuisine.

I have also found a beautifully shot short video which tells a story of sushi. You could use the video as a listening comprehension activity as well as start a very heated discussion.

The Story of Sushi




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    Posted by Becca Evans on February 29th 2012

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