Guardian interactive guides


MEC Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

While looking at the Guardian website I noticed they have ‘interactive guides‘. These take on various forms, they can be slide shows, pdfs that you can zoom into, or diagrams with areas you can click on to get more information. These guides are added regularly so you’ll find current topics and because it’s online the older ones are stored safely there too.

In class you could introduce a topic by showing one of the guides on a projector or IWB. Alternatively your students could choose a guide to read for homework and present in class the next day. If you have a computer lab you could give your students some questions which they have to answer by reading one of the interactive guides during the lesson. 

Here are four of my favourites:

Berlin Wall timeline

Pliosaur: a ferocious prehistoric predator

How I paint: Yoshimoto Nara

UFO sightings in Britain

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