Jobs for the future


Here’s some nice inspiration for a lesson about jobs and/or the future with ‘will’. It’s an article from the learning blog about possible new jobs in the future:

There’s everything from body part maker, to social ‘networking’ worker to narrowcaster.

You could get your students to discuss the likelihood of each job becoming a reality, or whether they would like to do each job, or you could get them to think of their own new jobs for the future. It might also be fun to give them the title of each job and ask them to guess what the job will entail or match the job title to the job description.

You don’t need to have an IWB for this as you can just make a note of the suggested future jobs and then write them up on the board in the lesson or give them out in a handout, if necessary.

If you do have an IWB or computers in your classroom then there are some relevant MEC activities listed below. You can type the resource ID (given in brackets) into the Word and Phrase Search to find that resource.  Type them in a list separated with commas, if you want to find them all at once.

•    A future quiz (MLG000218) – level 3
•    Future with will/won’t use (GRU00035D) – all levels
•    Future with will/won’t interrogative (GRU00035C) – all levels
•    Future with will/won’t affirmative (GRU00035A) – all levels
•    Future with will/won’t negative (GRU00035B) – all levels
•    The home of the future (MLG005477) – level 6


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