Learning come rain or shine


With summer just around the corner and an unusually sunny spring behind us, talk in the MEC office keeps turning to the weather. Luckily, in English we have a vast variety of words and expressions which keep weather talk interesting. Whether it be almost summer or the beginning of winter, wherever you are why not have a lesson based around the weather that gives your students insight into the wealth of weather vocabulary that English has. Start by introducing some new ways for them to talk about the weather. You can use the following list to get you started:

Drizzling, Spitting, Sleeting, Pouring, Hale, Storms, Thunder, Lightening, Close, Humid

Then get your students to bring this vocabulary to life by visiting the BBC’s weather site – http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/ Get your students to look at the weather forecast in London and in their own town, giving them a chance to ask about any words that they are not sure of. Ask for group feedback on the two forecasts – were they similar?
To follow up, tell your students that they are going to become weather reporters for the day. Get them in pairs to pick a place, check the weather report and then prepare a weather forecast. Check that each pair has picked a different place. Finally, have them stand up and give the weather report to the rest of the class. To finish, announce the pair that has correctly used the most new vocabulary the winner.


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