Speech recognition technology, how does it work?


We all talk about a voice recognition tool and how useful it is or could be for our students. The very first voice recognition tool was created in the 50s and it had a device to recognize individual spoken units. The times have changed and so has the device, nowadays it is used in various areas of our everyday life: from Android mobile devices to automated voice recording answers when we call a bank and do not press buttons, but are requested to speak certain words to get what we need. As it is such a big part of our everyday life, it is worth asking how it works, how reliable it is and what the future is for this frequently applied tool. The infographic below presents a simplified explanation and answers to these questions.

Speech Recognition
Created by: Medical Transcription

Have you ever used a voice recognition tool with your students? Do you think it would be useful? How would your students feel about using this tool? Have you used an alternative tool during your classes?


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