We’re all going on a summer holiday


Well, in the northern hemisphere, anyway! It is holiday (or vacation) time and there are loads of exercises and games you can use on MEC to help your students brush up on their language skills should they be holidaying in an English-speaking country.

First off – have some fun and try these games: Trolley Holiday/Byron’s Vacation (Easy) and Lost and Found Blues (Average) test airport vocabulary whilst Harry the Shark (Easy) is set at the seaside.

To find suitable resources, try entering simple searches in Word & Phrase Search, for example:
•    trip
•    visit
•    journey
•    travel
•    holiday (‘vacation’ of course in American English)
•    hotel
•    airport
•    tour
You can then use the filter to see results for particular language levels.

Remember, you can use an asterisk (*) in the Word & Phrase Search to find words that have the same prefix. For example:
•    holiday* will find holiday, holidays and holidaying
•    tour* will find tour, tours, tourism, tourist, etc

You could also select Places and Travel in the Topic/Subject field in the Quick Search and then scroll through the results for suitable exercises. Note, not all these resources will be about going on holiday, but many are.

Some of my personal favourites are:
•    A Trip to Vancouver, Canada: a great web project which takes students on a two-day trip to a fascinating city.
•    On Safari: a two-part video-based activity especially for elephant lovers.
•    Beach Life: it’s in the name. What’s not to like?
•    Why Do We Go on Holiday Together?: a (hopefully) light-hearted look at the stresses of holidays. Note, this is called ‘Why Do We Go on Vacation Together?’ in American English.

Happy holidays – and don’t eat too much ice-cream!


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