They put WHAT in the dictionary?!


English is forever growing and changing with an estimated 800 new words and expressions added to the dictionary every year. It is thought that 90,000 new words were added to the English language during the twentieth century, an over 25% increase in the total number of words.  Many of the new words come from technological developments, does it surprise your students that google and facebook have now passed to being commonly used verbs?

Why not have some fun in class with the latest editions to the dictionary.  Below is a list of new additions to the dictionary in 2010.  Divide the class into two teams and give each team half of the new words and their definitions.  Get the teams to come up with two fictional definitions for each of the words to go with the real one.

For example

L.O.L= Laugh out loud
Lemon, Orange & Lime
Legal Official Lawyer

(answer- laugh out loud)

They will then read out the three definitions to the other team who will have to guess which the correct one is.  The team who gets the most right wins, so encourage the teams to make it as tricky as possible for their classmates.

New additions in 2010 include

Staycation– a money-saving holiday in your own country

Tweetup– from ‘meet up,’ arranging to meet up through the website Twitter

Defriend– dropping a contact from Facebook

Broken society –perceived or apparent general decline in moral values

Bromance(mixing the words brother and romance) denotes a close but non-sexual relationship happening between two men

Fauxmance– a fictitious romance between two celebrities in order to gain press coverage

Galpal– a female friend

Hater– person who disapproves or is jealous of something and negative about it

Tweetheart– users of the social networking website Twitter who are ‘much loved by other users’,

BFF= “Best friend forever”

TTYL= Talk to you later.”

LBD= Little black dress”

LMAO= Laughing my ass off

Finally get your students to read more about it here



  • Hello there,

    I just wanted to share this brilliant little spark with you – a short poem about the nature of language.
    It brings up some beautiful thoughts about language as a “constant work in progress”, bringing past and present, as well as learners and teachers together. Enjoy!

    Have a nice one,

    Posted by Eva on February 03rd 2011
  • thanks for sharing the video with us!It’s really entertaining 😉

    Posted by Joanna on February 04th 2011

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