Blogging about blogging….


For all the business English teachers out there – have a look at the new BESIG World Blog, where monthly guest authors will be sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Andreas Grundtvig kicked off this new blog, contributing two genuine and personal anecdotes so far. Read about how he lost touch with his native language living abroad, his thoughts on what could go wrong when you ask students what they want, and most importantly – join in and tell him what you think about it all!

This might also be a nice glimpse into day to day teaching life for all the students out there that training to be teachers of English. Ask them for their opinions on the importance of regional accents for learners, or about what they know about needs analysis, and what they think could go wrong if you ask learners what they want to learn. Whom do they agree/disagree with?

Create a collaborative blog with a group of students!

There are thousands of free and easy to use websites available you could use for your blog – for example. Pick a general topic and ask students to take weekly turns in writing a post about a related subject.

If you’d like to stick to the English language or learning English, they could write about what they find difficult, about their strategies to learn or remember certain things, or they could just take up a topic or discussion started in class. Tell your students to ask questions for their colleagues to join in and give their opinions in the comment area, just like Andreas Grundtvig and the BESIGers did on the BESIG World Blog.

It’s a great way to get your students writing!


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