Resources from the English Campus: October


Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this October to see some of our English Campus highlights:

One of my favourite features on the English Campus is the news items. Adapted for Macmillan English Campus from news articles originally published by the Guardian, each week we publish news items for three different language levels. These cover a wide range of topics, and news items published in September have included such topics as: How dogs are helping young offenders, Blow to Cameron’s authority as MPs rule out British assault in Syria, Facebook game targets tree disease, and Johannesburg tops African millionaires list.

We publish all kinds of different materials relating to both business and general English, and this month we’re most excited about our new TOEFL exam content. The TOEFL writing activities published this month are the first manually marked content on the English Campus and have been designed specifically to help give students online practice for the written parts of their TOEFL exams. Becca’s post offers more information on the benefits of manually marked writing activities for both teachers and students.

If you’re looking for something more suited to lower level learners (or perhaps just something to give students a break from their revision) you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve also been busy updating our word games on the English Campus. This month we’ve been playing The Swamp Disaster, a vocabulary game in which students help Simpson the frog to catch flies and dodge oil drops as they select the odd word out. October’s game for average level learners looks at words that collocate with ‘give’.

Here’s an example of Simpson’s latest adventure:

frog game 1    frog game 2

And if you’re interested in seeing more from Simpson, or finding out what else we’ve got coming up in the English Campus, you can always come along to our next free online demo session of the platform on October 16th, 10 am and 4 pm UK time.

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