Self-publishing with Lulu


Ever fancied yourself as a writer? Or just wanted to get something published? Then check out (specifically, the publishing section). You can make everything from calendars to eBooks, photo albums to poetry books. It could be a novel way to get creative in a lesson or to encourage your students to practise their writing skills. You might even want to design your own ELT textbook…

There’s a simple design program for each type of product. You have to pay for it to be published professionally of course but if you or your students, don’t want to part with hard earned cash it’s still fun to have a go at creating your own book, album or calendar. You can create a project and then preview it on the screen to get an idea of the finished product. You can also download the finished file.

You also need to sign up to Lulu to save, preview or publish your work, which means entering your email address, so if you have young learners or your students are reluctant to do that then you need to be prepared to do it yourself.

You can generate an electronic file of the finished product so if you don’t want to pay to have it published professionally, you can still get a copy by downloading the PDF from the publish page. This leaves you free to either print it yourself or view it on screen. If you do want to publish your work with Lulu then you can also get help with formatting and design from the Lulu experts. The links to this are on the publishing page.

It’s all pretty easy to use and has the potential to be a lot of fun, either as a class or individual project.
There are hundreds of MEC resources to help your students practise their spelling, grammar and writing skills before they become published authors, and MEC Web Projects and News Items could also provide some inspiration for content. Some possible inspirational resources are suggested below. Just enter the resource ID into the Word & Phrase search to find them.

•    A boy wizard grows up (NEWSBRIHarrypotter03)
•    Bidding war starts for Mandela’s revelatory personal archive (NEWSBRIMandelaarchive03)
•    A theatre review: presenting evidence (MSE006283)
•    Children’s literature (MWP004128)
•    An author and his fantasy world (MWP006192)
•    Culture and recreation in Australia (MWP005567)
•    Festivals around the world ((MWP004130)


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