Merry Christmas!


In the UK, December generally means there is one thing on everyone’s mind: Christmas. A religious holiday, originating in celebrating the birth of Jesus, Christmas has evolved into an all-encompassing season; full of social gatherings, gifts and more than a little food.

Festive traditions are numerous across Britain at this time of year. Often these are wide-spread, such as the use of trees and lights to decorate. However, as we’ve noticed in the Macmillan English Campus office, traditions can be localised too. Recently tales have been told of family rituals at Christmas, ranging from carrots left out for Santa’s reindeer to Christmas spent on a sunny beach. There may have been the odd debate about what time we’re allowed to open presents and whether we love or loathe mince pies too!

Over time, blendedmec has produced a variety of articles relating to traditions at this time of year. And as a special Christmas treat, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best for your enjoyment. Why not take a look and leave a comment or get in touch?

Advent: The build-up to Christmas is known as Advent. Learn more about this festive countdown here.

Christmas markets: Christmas markets are a great way to start feeling festive. Incorporate this tour of some of the best in your next festive lesson.

Alternative traditions: Check out some of the quirkier Christmas traditions from around the world.

Teaching suggestions: Keep a class full of excited students focussed and productive with Becca’s help as she shares her tips on Christmas teaching suggestions.

Trees: Learn all about the history of the Christmas tree tradition in this colourful infographic

New Year around the world: After Christmas, let the New Year celebrations begin. Why not enjoy this game with your students and match the New Year tradition with its country of origin?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.