Diabetes epidemic goes global


This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about diabetes. The disease now affects 350 million people around the world.

You can find this story in the News Items section on your Work Area screen.

July word games

This month’s Witch’s Pot topics are ‘countries‘ (Easy), ‘school subjects’ (Average) and ‘containers for liquid’ (Difficult).

The Swamp Disaster topics are ‘all sorts of things’ (Easy), ‘things you put things in’ (Average) and ‘words that follow “go”’ (Difficult).

The Wordsearch topics are ‘nouns connected with the theatre’ (Easy), ‘adjectives describing people who are good at things’ (Average) and ‘humour’ (Difficult).

There are new Crosswords and Bridge Builders at all levels too.

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