News item and word games update!


MEC Senior Editor Jeremy Smith writes:

Bolivian hip-hop

This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about the emergence of a hip-hop culture among ‘s indigenous youth.

Why is hip-hop popular with many young people in Bolivia? Go to the News Items section on your Work Area screen to find out.

June word games

This month’s Witch’s Pot topics are ‘ordinal numbers’ (Easy), ‘verbs related to the senses’ (Average) and ‘words describing how much money people have’ (Difficult).

The Swamp Disaster topics are ‘words that follow ”I had”’ (Easy), ‘holidays’ (Average) and ‘prefixes’ (Difficult).

The Wordsearch topics are ‘nationalities’ (Easy), ‘items in the kitchen’ (Average) and ‘words connected with fear’ (Difficult).

There are new Crosswords and Bridge Builders at all levels too.

Visit the Word Games area to find them all.

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