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Back in the mists of time when I was learning Italian as a foreign language, getting access to real language meant getting your hands dirty. The internet wasn’t yet in widespread use and newsprint was the source of choice. I used to happily read the Gazzetta dello Sport over un caffè e brioche before heading off to morning lectures. It was always a help to be reading about a subject with which I was already familiar, so, with a dictionary in one hand and the paper in the other (the coffee and pastry in a third and fourth), I would check the Monday morning calcio reports. If I was feeling a little more highbrow, I would turn to La Repubblica.

Now, of course, these options and many more are available, usually for free, on the internet. On MEC, we have created web projects that explore news websites, for example, The Guardian online (MWP006202) on the British site or The Washington Post (MWP014311) on the American site.

And don’t forget, our weekly news item, sourced from the Guardian Weekly, now comes with integrated activities, so you and your students can get even more from the news. You can get further information on this from my colleague Jeremy’s article here on BlendedMEC.



  • How do I get access to those???

    Posted by Anna on July 09th 2012
  • Hi Anna, Thanks a lot for your interest in the web projects and news items. They are availabe on the Macmillan English Campus platform.

    Posted by Joanna Trzmielewska on July 09th 2012

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