This month’s word games and news item!


MEC Editorial Assistant, Sarah Cumming, writes:

November word games

The MEC word games for November are available now!

This month’s Witch’s Pot topics are ‘places in or around the house’ (Easy), ‘camping’ (Average) and ‘adjectives describing build’ (Difficult).

The Swamp Disaster topics are ‘words related to shopping’ (Easy), ‘words related to money’ (Average) and ‘materials’ (Difficult).

The Wordsearch topics are ‘office items’ (Easy), ‘travelling by plane’ (Average) and ‘words meaning ‘”miserable”‘ (Difficult).

As usual, there are new Crosswords and Bridge Builders at all levels too.

Visit the Word Games area to find them all.

outsources outsourcing

This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about Indian technology companies setting up global networks of offices to offer services to multinational companies. Go to the Headline News section on your Work Area screen to find out why they are doing this.

Infosys, Wipro and Tata are three major software and technology companies in India. You may wish to ask your students to look at the following websites for more information.




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