US coastal cities in danger as sea levels rise faster than expected, study warns


This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian, is about the rise in sea levels and the increased risk of flooding in coastal areas of the United States.

You can find this story in the News Items section on your Work Area screen.

Here are descriptions of this week’s activities for each language level:

•    Choosing the correct key words to complete sentences about the news item
•    Choosing words related to the weather to complete sentences

•    Matching sentence halves to complete sentences about the news item
•    Matching key words related to natural disasters to their definitions

•    Deciding whether statements about the news item are true or false
•    Choosing words that do not complete the sentences about natural disasters
•    Choosing the correct hyphenated words to complete sentences

December word games

This month’s Witch’s Pot topics are ‘means of transport’ (Easy), ‘extreme sports and pastimes’ (Average) and ‘minor health problems’ (Difficult).

The Swamp Disaster topics are ‘the environment’ (Easy), ‘time expressions’ (Average) and ‘in court’ (Difficult).

The Wordsearch topics are ‘houses and homes’ (Easy), ‘kinds of writing’ (Average) and ‘crimes’ (Difficult).

There are new Crosswords and Bridge Builders at all levels too.

Visit the Word Games area to find them all.


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