As mad as….?


“The March Hare … as this is May, it won’t be raving mad – at least not so mad as it was in March.” Alice‘s Adventures in Wonderland

If your students are as restless as a March hare this month then cheer them up with an activity about all that the month has to offer. Demoted from its prime slot as the first month of the year in 1752, March nonetheless has lots to shout about. Following on from our celebration of St Patrick’s Day last year, this year we will extol the virtues of the month as a whole and put your students’ knowledge of it to the test.

March Quiz-

1)      March is named after which Roman God? Mars, the god of war.

2)      If spring starts on March 20/21st in the UK, what season starts on the same month in Australia? Autumn

3)      The 2001 film directed by George Clooney that shares its name with the 15th of March is called, ‘The ____ of March’? The Ides of March

4)      Which of these country/ies have their national day in March: Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales? Wales- St David’s day- 1st March, Ireland- St Patrick’s Day- 17th March.

5)      What colour is associated with St Patrick’s Day? Green

6)      Name an anagram of March? i.e. Charm

7)     Including March, how many months have 31 days? Seven

8)      According to superstition what will follow if Easter should fall on Lady Day, the 25th of March? Disaster!

9)      Complete this saying about the weather “If March comes in like lion, it will go out like a l___.” Lamb

10)   What famous french landmark was opened in March 1889? The Eiffel Tower

As a fun finish get your students to listen to these songs by famous singers born in March, and get them singing along if you can! 

Aretha Franklin Respect

Elton John I’m still standing

Fergie London Bridge

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