Collaborative online whiteboard:


When it comes to online tools, what educators usually look for is a simple and effective solution and seems to fit that description perfectly. It’s a real-time, multi-user whiteboard with an option of live audio and a chat room. There‘s no user or session limits and it’s free. I think it’s a very user-friendly online collaboration environment and it took me only a couple of minutes to start using it.

The first thing you need to do is sign up and create your account. It’s very simple and only requires you to provide standard information like a name and email address. Once you have created your account, you can start creating online rooms; give the room a name and decide about certain restrictions e.g. allow room locking so that anyone with moderator status can lock the room, select public room to allow the room to be displayed on a list of public rooms on so that other users may discover and join it. When you have finished creating an online room it’ll appear in your room list, but rooms that have not been accessed for more than 60 days will be removed. You can always access your list of rooms, edit, delete or visit them. I personally like the fact that when you go to your Room List you can view Chat logs for each room.

Available whiteboard tools:

• Text
• Shapes
• Highlighter
• Shared pointer
• Pencil
• Take snapshot
• Upload images
• Add a website snapshot
• Copy, cut, paste
• Page background colour options

Available communication tools:

• Audio
• Chat room

How to use

• Online teaching
• Online collaborative work
• Creative brainstorming
• Connect with other institutions/classes around the country or world and work on one language project
• Use it in and outside class

I believe that would be a fun tool to use with your students and help them to be more engaged in class and explore new ways of studying. It’s worth trying out!


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