Rui da Silva


iPads, smartphones, interactive whiteboards, the wonderful wide web with all its creative possibilities…. As a 70s kid and as someone who began his teaching career in the very low-tech environment of Japanese state schools, I still have this great sense of wonder at how technology has changed the way we can teach, learn and live.

After 10 years teaching EFL in Japan, South Korea, Portugal and London, I decided in 2009 to take a plunge in earnest into the new digital age and enrol myself on a Masters in Digital Publishing. This retro kid was about to get hip!

Since then I’ve worked at Bellerbys College in London, teaching Media Studies at Foundation level, EAP to pre-university students, and training teachers in the use of educational technologies. I am particulary interested at the moment in how we can use multimedia and web tools in our course design and delivery on General English and EAP programmes. Mapping strong pedagogical principles and content onto new platforms, from YouTube to Flickr to Facebook and presentation website Prezi, has become a real passion for me, as I think these tools can enable us to find new sources of creativity, student engagement and motivation. Who would have imagined this back in the 70s…?  I think my first walkman was bigger than the current iPad…and bright yellow not to mention! Thankfully, the times they are indeed a changing…