Sophie Hern


Hello, I’m Editor for the truly smashing onestopenglish. Here’s a little extra info for you …

I grew up in the rural Shire (that’s Shropshire) but decided that I was a city girl at heart and have since lived in Manchester, Madrid (as an EFL teacher), Brighton and London.

Despite graduating with a degree in Music – with violin as my weapon of choice – editing and writing have long been in my heart, all stemming from the articles I penned for the university newspaper tackling serious issues such as ice-cream tasting and casino gambling (a practical guide).

Generally, I’d say my brow is held both high and low. I greatly enjoy indulging in the Guardian newspaper, reading Booker Prize-winning fiction and attending the odd classical concert. But I equally revel in watching trashy reality TV, eating fish finger sandwiches with LOADS of ketchup and dancing to mindless pop music in the privacy of my kitchen.

Oh, and the love of my life? Tottenham Hotspur FC!