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My name is Antoniya Hristova. I am an ESOL teacher in my country Bulgaria, and this is my second opportunity on Blended MEC to share my professional experience with colleagues from all over the world. Over the last 12 months I have been inspired by international language consultant and teacher educator Carol Read and her ABC of Teaching Children. As in this blog post Carol focuses on various ways of creating optimal conditions for children’s learning “… by adopting an approach in which we take account of the whole child or teenager.” (

I truly believe that Carol’s approach is applicable to all age groups of language learners, not just to children and teenagers. I’ve found, for example, that in terms of successful classroom management, eBooks can be used both inside and outside the classroom with firm pedagogical aims in mind:

1. to support learning and active discovery, through students writing online texts and doing research;

2. to connect learners’ language experience with their own real life experience;

3. to challenge learners to focus on activities which will inspire their imagination and enhance their language potential such as writing jokes, notes, recipes, dreams, stories, essays and other every day and academic pieces of writing;

4. to encourage learners to work in teams, which will motivate them to collaborate and correct each other’s language inaccuracies.

Here are some of the benefits of eBooks:

When eBooks are ready, they can be downloaded on to iPads and read outside the classroom or uploaded to the Personal European Electronic Portfolio.

The digital book is a place which allows students to have a more comprehensive experience online.

• It gives an opportunity to develop learner’s imagination

• It builds a sense of unity

• It will remind learners of their language abilities and achievements

• Digital books encourage an understanding of project preparation and the whole process of learning

It will be my pleasure to share in the upcoming blog posts how I have used technology for the purpose of optimizing classroom management in my forthcoming articles. I will focus mainly on three of the eBooks which I have developed with my students. One of them has transformed my ambition to contribute to a Business Course by creating an online module, Business Mail.

Business Mail front page

Front page of the eBook

The other eBooks were also a real pleasure and enjoyment for me and the learners. They were based on educational language projects and the results satisfied us all, including parents and my colleagues. This is a book about students’ language achievements during the school year:

Achievements eBook

And an eBook about Oscar Wilde and The Happy Prince and film reviews:

Happy Prince eBook



Tune in throughout September for Antoniya’s blog post series on Creating eBooks.

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  • Hi Antoniya, I LOVED the title and contents of your article … this is just what I have been needing … but would now like to know HOW TO DO IT! Maybe I missed follow up articles? I have a class of 9 10 years old, all equipped with iPads. They will be going to London next year and I want them to make an ebook on different monuments. I need a step by step process! Am I asking too much?

    Posted by Nikki Harrison on October 29th 2013

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